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Little Jessica Lockwood’s mum Charlie says her young daughter is now too scared to sleep because she thinks a burglar is going to storm in and hurt her parents

Callous thieves have left a poorly young girl unable to control her tics following a number of raids on her family home.

Six-year-old Jessica Lockwood’s health has become “drastically worse” after the criminals struck again.

She was was diagnosed last year with a medical condition that causes sudden and difficult-to-control body jolts or sounds.

Mum Charlie says she is unable to sleep now because she fears the burglars will return and hurt her mum and dad.

Jessica had been coping well with her illness until thieves broke into the shed next to their family home in Southport, Merseyside.

Charlie, 35, told the Liverpool Echo : “Two weeks ago my neighbour messaged me and said did you hear anything strange last night because my shed was robbed? I said I hadn’t.

“My partner’s bike had been out in the garden and he hadn’t brought it in as he’d been taken our daughter out on bike rides every day because the weather was lovely.

“The following morning I got up and trying to get ready for work. Looking out the kitchen window and it dawned on me that his bike had gone.

“My daughter got up and asked about the bike and I said, ‘I think somebody has come into the garden and taken it.’

“When something happens she can get very fixated on it.

“She said she was going to go out in the garden and look for clues. She found a cigarette butt and said whoever took it must have been smoking.

“After this I noticed she’s developed several new tics that have got worse over the last couple of weeks.

“At first I wasn’t sure if it was to do with the stress and somebody being on our property but she’s blinking very tightly every couple of seconds and she’s now sniffing in a pattern, as well as throat clearing.

“I’ve noticed in the past couple of days she’s started to get this head jerk.”

About five days ago, Charlie’s neighbour got in contact again to say thieves had again tried to get into his shed.

Charlie said: “He heard something and he chased them off and they had jumped over our adjoining fences and got into my garden and out through our back gate.

“My daughter heard that as well and she started to become increasingly concerned about it. It’s sort of become the focus for the last couple of days.

“Then two nights ago she woke up, it was quarter to midnight, she came into our room and said, ‘mum I can hear something in the garden’.

“My partner went to have a look and all I heard was him shouting ‘Oi! You better stay there!'”

Her partner, Craig, had spotted somebody in the garden. Realising they had been seen, a man jumped on a bike and sped away.

She said: “That night it was horrific. She was awake fretting about it. It must have been around five o’clock before she fell asleep.

“It’s had quite a big impact on her. To me it’s annoying that the bike’s been stolen, but now my daughter is affected by it. She won’t go to sleep without me laying in her bed now.”

The worried mum said she contacted her GP as Jessica’s tics had become “drastically worse”, but now she said they’ve become significantly worse again after the events of the last few days.

Charlie said: “This is affecting my daughter’s life – it’s like a bit of her innocence has been taken away.

“She’s always felt secure in our home and I’ve said nobody can get in because the doors are locked and the windows are shut.”

She added: “I don’t think people realise it’s not just about a piece of property.

“I don’t know what the lasting effects of this are going to be – she’s terrified to go to sleep because she thinks a burglar is going to come in and hurt her and me and her dad.”